"Every new start if made in the light of the aspirant's underlying creative spiritual purpose will strengthen his potentiality for absolute spiritual spontaneity."

My first exposure to the Sabian lessons — a casual offering under the single bulb in a friend's vestibule — suggested this material offers a broad perspective on life's inner meanings, and decades of more careful study have borne that out.

The Sabian lessons made sense to my wife too, so our kids had a platoon of fabulous additional "grandparents."

Some folks find the Sabian materials a little too complicated, but most of us find them delicious, layer after layer — like a great Vidalia.

Some people say there is no "self," so you need to empty whatever it is you think of as "you" of desire or attachment so there can be less suffering. Others say you are sinful and need to be saved from your sinful nature. Still others say the "self" is a construct, an invention of man.

Marc Jones said you need to act and not just think about acting, because you are what you do, and not what you hope to do or claim you did or wish somebody would do.

So we welcome you to our group which tries very hard to respect personality (let you be who you think you are) and to mind our own business. The work we address is the expansion of consciousness.

— SEC, Sabian member since 1957

The Sabian journey began for me one day when a friend handed me a "Blue Letter" written by Dr. Jones and asked me to read it and tell her what I thought. I did so and returned with the letter in hand to ask her if "this man has written anything else." Later I understood why she laughed and simply handed me an application to join the Sabian Assembly.

For me it has been a wonderful, difficult, and rewarding journey on all levels of life. At first I wanted to hurry, hurry and learn. Then came the realization that the metaphysical is not to be hurried, but to be absorbed as one goes along. It is difficult to explain but eventually, for me, it became a slow, steady climb as I studied. After 38 years it is now a part of me; a way of thinking, of understanding, and of studying that will never end that I can see. That is a very good thing and it allows me a sense of the meaning of life's journey that I might otherwise have never gained.

Whether or not you join us, may your life's path be one of joy and light.


I saw a lot of life and a lot of death as a nurse, and that whetted my appetite to search for and unravel the mysteries of life. When I started talking to a Sabian Assembly member, and saw the opportunity to study all the mysteries from a perspective of a combined discipline of science, philosophy, religion and the occult, I was overjoyed, and wanted to join immediately. That was a year ago, and since then I have been totally wonderfully surprised at the other things that are part of the Sabian Assembly. Intelligent wonderful down-to-earth people in all walks of life come together to share knowledge, talents and joy. This creates the most wonderful sense of fellowship I have ever experienced. One is welcomed with open arms and big smiles, and one leaves wanting to be all that one can be. It is so exciting.

— BD

A lasting impression of the Sabian Assembly, aside from the remarkable work done by Marc Edmund Jones, is of the supportive atmosphere for the development and testing of personal insights (which are usually gained in the investigation of Jones' materials), and the relationships that evolve in that nurturing environment. Jones' materials though, which he reportedly once described as "dangerously ramified," always seem to be allowing for, perhaps even pointing to, a larger frame of reference, an expansion of point of view, perhaps to the degree of even the Transcendence of it. A large pool, to say the least.

— Sabian member JRH

There are many different varieties of occultism; likewise, people who try and perhaps take the occult path each have their own individual reasons for doing so. However this may be, there is probably one very common underlying motivation for studying occultism, which is the expansion and deepening of knowledge and understanding. The occult quest may be taken up after not finding satisfaction in conventional sources of knowledge found to be valid as far as it goes but inherently incomplete and limited. Indeed, isn't it a fact that as a result of the "information age" in which we now live, that instead of expanding our understanding of life and the cosmos we are actually "learning more and more about less and less?" Typically, individual professionals in order to stay abreast with the proliferation of new material in their career area feel compelled to devote most of their "spare time" to its study. Consequently, there is not much time or energy remaining for other pursuits.

A genuine occult school's primary objective is to provide aspirants with the fundamental principles and whole perspective that will permit the organization and integration of life experiences that will allow for a more satisfying and significant life. When the fundamental principles and whole perspective are understood and correctly used, many of the useless distractions that clutter our lives can be eliminated and time and energy conserved for more fulfilling endeavors. Life acquires meaning as the awareness of a higher purpose is manifested and one begins to recognize the relevance of everything to every other thing.

— A member of the Sabian Assembly, 1972

A Modest Testimonial

People who radiate on the same frequency gather together like the proverbial birds of a feather that Granny would cite when she found that you and the kids next door were smoking behind the barn. Disapproval reigned predominant in her social philosophy. The only good was found in the local minister and one member of the family who voted for Herbert Hoover. Her policing accomplished naught but is occasionally revived for the amusement of the declining few who knew her. She was a symbol, an icon of a narrow Victorian social order that never was, but gave us a fanatically religious and societal orthodoxy that brought many an independent thinker a cropper. And Granny was never a member of nor had she ever heard of the Sabian Assembly, a group of truth seekers of a somewhat mystic bent just becoming known during her twilight years.

She would, however, have approved of its founder, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, a high-school dropout who made it to a Columbia PhD, lecturer, writer and editor, whose personal magnetism and vision attracted a number of rare birds who in the 1920s and 30s became the first Sabian students. They shared one characteristic, an open mind. They radiated openness and spontaneity. And to this day, were it branded on the forehead or carrying a neon sign, the mark of the Sabian student is this open, but not blind, mind, a shared consciousness, if you will, and an enthusiasm that matures as the philosophical and biblical base of the Assembly catches hold of the dedicated seeker.

A truly great adventure, this unceasing search for the vision that is the Sabian work.

— Sabian member JMa

In your journey to and from your heart, we will find each other, and the shining light that would come from it will recreate our world.


What would I do without the Sabian Assembly? As a Sabian student for the past 35 years, my work with the lesson materials has helped me think clearly, organize my life, maximize my individual potential, and most of all, has helped me deepen my spiritual understanding. Before I began the work, I was loaded with potential and good will, but adrift. It took a life-catastrophe occurring in my early twenties to send me desperately seeking insight and direction.

What I found in the Sabian Assembly was a challenging and deeply satisfying source of information, meaningful structure, and a warm welcome, acceptance, and encouragement from fellow seekers on this Solar Path. Though the Sabian fellowship is essentially invisible, I have had the good fortune to encounter and work with truly inspiring fellow students, and have within the group met some of my best friends, and even my husband!

I encourage you to peruse the materials available in our website, and to consider joining the Sabian Assembly if what you find here resonates with your high desire.

— A grateful Sabian Student

Welcome to all who visit here. My path to the Sabian Assembly began in the 1960s. While searching for something in the book stacks of a university library, I happened to take a small blue linen-bound book down from the shelf, and looked inside. It was written in a foreign language. There were planetary symbols and arcane glyphs throughout its pages.

I asked a library worker who was returning a cartful of books to the stacks, "What's this about — astronomy?"

He glanced at the little book and said, "That's an ephemeris. It's about astrology."

The mind went suddenly into a different place, a boundless inward vista of potentiality. There was a sense of wonderment at what was seen to lie ahead, apprehended only slightly at the time, and not yet fully comprehended even now.

After several years of study in the field of astrology, I came upon the visionary Sabian techniques and principles of Marc Edmund Jones, and from there soon gravitated into the Assembly, which has served as an esoteric and philosophical tool to help establish a solid foundation for everything gained in life both before and after the undertaking of a personal initiative to try and look at life — to do life — in a whole new way and from a whole new point of view and origin.

Again, welcome to what you may find to be a special place, if it is within your own self-chosen solar scope of aspiration.

— A Sabian member since the Seventies

Welcome to the Sabian Assembly Website. The Assembly has proven priceless to me. It's a crash course on how to think, to reason. In the Assembly, no one will tell you what to think or how to do something. What it will do is give you something to think about (reflection on the material is encouraged) and will encourage you to do something well (but the Assembly won't tell you what-that's for you to determine). The purpose of the members of the Assembly is a loving safety net that will give you a safe place to follow the path that you choose and then cheer you on in your journey to get there. The Sabian Conferences are beautiful because they make you feel safe and loved and accepted in a world that often times does just the opposite. I would not trade the experiences I have had, the insights I have gained (both personally and with the material), or the friends I have made for anything. I have actually gotten more than I have given to the Assembly. It is time and (little) money well spent. The Sabian Assembly is not for everyone; but, if you are truly drawn to the Assembly, I encourage you to see if it is right for you.

— Sabian member JMc

Welcome. I am a relatively new member of the Assembly from Australia, who joined in August, 2006. Earlier that year I decided to make contact because I felt a need to share my love of MEJ's astrology books. I am a huge fan of those books, having been a dedicated adherent of the methods outlined in them for many years. The Editor of the Sabian News Letter very kindly invited me to share my take on the books by way of an article. Thankfully my love of MEJ's philosophy is stronger than my nervousness and I have so far managed to complete three parts in an ongoing series examining the contents of the astrological texts as in relation to the last of them being The Counseling Manual in Astrology. My experience with the Assembly has been and continues to be amazing, mainly thanks to the incredible warmth, friendliness and honesty of its members.


It took a long time for me to realize the wealth in the Sabian Assembly. Astrology was my main interest, although so many metaphysical disciplines overlap in interests. A local study group met weekly to read and discuss astrology texts by Marc Jones, led by a member of the Assembly (although unbeknown to us), and during nearly two years of studying astrology we asked her how she knew so much about astrology, the Bible, philosophy, and just good common sense . . . and she mentioned this Solar (study at your own pace/understanding/non-judgmental/what works for you) discipline that genuinely gives plussage to living! Personally, I was concerned because I am a practicing Catholic and my brother, a Catholic priest, asked me "Where do you put the power?" It's not in my stars, it's inside my guts. Marc would word this differently, but "Solar" also means "proving from within" . . . cool.

— Sabian member DN

Visitor to the Sabian Assembly Website,

Welcome to the exploration of a grand adventure! The Sabian Assembly became the foundation for my inner process since I first heard about it in 1992 during a time when I was considering the implications of a shift in my professional career and spiritual aspirations. For one year I carefully reviewed the Sabian Manual before signing my first Pledge. The Sabian Assembly offered the substance, activity and form I was looking for to move forward and upward.

My participation in the activities of the Assembly include attendance to our summer and winter Conferences, a weekly Philosophical Study Group via email based on the lessons developed by Marc Edmund Jones, work in consciousness through the auspices of our spiritual sponsors, involvement in the healing network, and other activities that have evolved as my own interests join those of other aspirants on the Solar Path.

Best to you in the discovery of your own Path to Initiation.

— In the joy of fellowship, MPK ~

You have crossed a portal to the home page of a varied and honorable group of seekers, drawn (as you were) to a place where differing opinions are esteemed, celebrated and treasured. A place where the symbolism of works by Aristotle, The Bible, and Alice in Wonderland, as well as the original published works of Marc Edmund Jones and many others, are studied and discussed.

Marc Edmund Jones, founder of The Sabian Assembly, developed rituals for living and healing, Sabian symbols and astrology like you've never seen before.

Piqued your interest? Good! Welcome to our high adventure!

— In joyful fellowship, JFW

The Sabian Assembly provides a viable framework that allows the freedom to explore illimitable spiritual possibilities as well as the breadth to create one's own myth to live in accordance with one's journey.

Welcome to the Sabian Assembly!

— Sabian member since 1976

"The way to start is to start."