The Calling of Ezekiel

I attained ordination by the Brotherhood

At the close of thirty years

On the fourth plane of being

And in the fifth evolution of self-consciousness.

Then I became aware of my initiations

And I gained perspective of the cosmic scheme.

This fifth evolution of self-consciousness

Corresponded to the fifth initiation.

The power of the hierarchies

Was definitely strengthened in me,

Who had been born to my task.

I took cognizance of my commission

Among the custodians of the Mysteries,

And among those who possessed arcane knowledge

I became spokesman for the Great Central Flame.

I applied my insight to understanding.

The Master Thesis of Ezekiel

And behold, a solar system was born

Emanating as a breath of God;

A great forming mass of cosmic substance

In which spirit caught and clothed itself.

Out of the midst thereof came a brightness:

The golden fire of God!

And there were four elements

And four natures and four spheres

From which sprang the likeness of living creatures;

Four and four and four, or a man!

His feet were plunged into the star dust of matter;

His hands within the spheres groped for being.

The natures were the triplicities:

The water-carrier and the lion,

Air and fire in the realm of spirit;

And the ox and scorpion,

Earth and water beneath;

Whipped into nebulous shapes with the birth of planets.

Thus were the natures

While the spheres were divided above

Co-operating one with the other but not changing,

Enmeshing spirit in the quadrature of experience.

The lamp of the spirit like a coal of fire

Moved upward and downward within the man,

And out of the fire flashed lightning!

The four, four and four formed a wheel

That lay on the earth and defined the man,

And the elements were a wheel

And the natures a wheel within the wheel.

There were men

And when they moved the wheel moved but turned not.

Wheresoever the spirit went

There was the wheel lifted up;

For the understanding and life of the spirit

Dwelt within the wheel.

Above stretched the firmament, a crystal

Where the spheres thundered the voice of the Almighty.

In the heavens lay the cosmic man;

The covenant of the zodiac

With fire flashing from Libra upward and downward:

The glory of the Lord!

The Calling of Ezekiel (Continued)

When I realized the nature of the arcane knowledge

I had drawn to understanding

I was humble.

And I heard the voice of authority commanding me.

The Commission of Ezekiel

And this voice said to me,

Initiate, be conscious in thy higher vehicles

And I will express myself through thee!

Whereupon divine consciousness dwelt within me

And I heard the voice that spoke through me.

Initiate, I send thee to all whom I have called,

To a group that is self-sufficient

And that has drawn away from me.

They and their leaders have perverted my teachings

Even to this day.

And their works are arrogant

And without divine compassion,

And I will send thee to them and thou shall say to them,

Thus command the creative hierarchies!

Whether or not they will accept thee

Or draw away in their self-sufficiency,

They yet shall know

There has been a divine voice among them!

And thou, initiate, admit no power in them,

Neither admit potency to their claims.

Though they tangle and taunt and sting thee,

Fear not their words,

Nor be discouraged by the virtue of their works,

For they are a self-sufficient group.

Thou, initiate, listen always to my voice within,

Neither be self-sufficient

As the arrogant ones who claim me.

Rather open thy being;

Draw into thyself that which I give thee.

I applied my insight to understanding,

And the Great Central Flame was manifest within me

And all the knowledge of the Mysteries

Opened up before me,

Revealed outwardly and inwardly at once,

And with knowledge was severance of the past

And expiation and bitter inner experience.

The voice of authority said to me,

Initiate, draw into thyself

That which rests now in thy understanding,

And go teach all whom I have called.

So I opened my being

And by divine command drew all into myself,

And the voice said,

Initiate, quicken thy aspiration

And fill thy external being with this consciousness,

And I filled myself and divine understanding

Was sweet in my being with the satisfaction of service.

Then the voice of authority said to me,

Initiate, go dwell among those I have called,

And interpret thy conceptions of me to them.

For I do not send thee to a people

Immersed in sensual experience

Or with no knowledge of the divine,

But to those whom I have called.

Not to the broad sweep of humanity,

Sensual and unstudied in truth,

Whose passions would seem strange to thee;

Surely if I sent thee to them they would learn of thee!

But those I have called will not listen to thee

As they will not respond to my voice within;

For all I have called are stubborn of intellect

And have stifled their aspirations and sympathies.

Behold, I have made thy pretensions

Arrogant against their pretensions,

And thy intellect coldly efficient

Against their intelligence.

As a crystallization harder than diamond

Have I made thy understanding!

Fear not nor be upset at their arrogance,

For they are a self-sufficient group.

Moreover the voice of authority said to me,

Initiate, all my conceptions that I evolve in thee,

Receive in thy inner compassion

And acknowledge with thy senses.

And go, get thee to those tangled in truth,

Even those trained by the ones I have chosen,

And say,

Thus command the creative hierarchies!

Whether they accept this or abide in their own ideas.

The Ordination of Ezekiel

Then I became ecstatic and heard

As though supporting me

The music of the spheres in motion,

Sounding the glory of the hierarch of the solar system.

The spheres of all sentient life I saw

Co-operating one with the other,

And the manifestation of the great wheel of the zodiac

Distributing cosmic fire.

Therefore I was ecstatic and raised up in understanding,

And I entered on my work sharp to impression,

And with the driving urge of illumination,

Spokesman for the Great Central Flame.

I came to those tangled in truth,

Isolated by a measure of understanding;

To those who sought the Solar initiation;

And I accepted the karmic limitation for seven ordeals.

I attained priesthood at the end of the seventh initiation.

The power of the hierarchs was strengthened within me.

The hierarch said, initiate, I have made thee

Watchman over those I have chosen;

Therefore understand the expression of my being

And give them warning from me.

When I say to the idlers,

They shall surely become industrious,

And thou do not transmit the understanding

Nor teach to warn the idler from his fruitless way,

The idle individual shall engender karma

As a laggard in evolution

And the conscious guidance of his higher self

I shall require of thee at another time.

Yet if thou attempt to give understanding

And the idler persist in useless living,

He shall continue incarnation as a laggard

And thou will have delivered thy obligation as priest.

Again, when an active worker turns from his work

And becomes enmeshed in useless byways

And fails in some test established by the hierarchies

Because thou did not give him understanding,

He shall incarnate as a laggard

And his good works shall be lost for want of growth

While the conscious guidance of his higher self

I shall require eventually of thee.

Nevertheless if thou teach understanding

Of the continuity of effort,

So that the active worker does not deviate,

He shall continue in consciousness through understanding,

And thou will have delivered thy obligation as priest.

The Ministry of Ezekiel

I became spokesman for the Great Central Flame

And the hierarch commanded me,

Assert thyself! Go forth into the ordinary walks of life

And there I will use thee.

Then I asserted myself and went forth

Into the ordinary walks of life,

And behold the manifestation of the hierarchies was clear,

Even the manifestation I had known in my own being,

And I was humble.

Then I became ecstatic and confident

And I heard the voice of authority commanding me,

Go, shut thyself in thy house,

For behold, initiate, they shall flatter thee,

And win thee with cajolery,

But thou shall not be led into public work.

I will give thee control of thy speech

So that thou shall not speak at all

To feed their own conceptions,

For they are a self-sufficient group.

But when I manifest in thee I shall inspire thy speech,

And thou shall say to them, Thus say the hierarchies!

He that understands, let him understand,

And he that draws away, let him draw away,

For they are a self-sufficient group.

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