The Rituals


(Opens with healing ritual, omitting healing dismissal and continuing uninterruptedly)

Sabian Doxology

In Unison

Praise God to Whom my heart would be

Upraised through all eternity;

Praise God that I where'er I go

Through all my life my God shall know!

Devotional address, inspirational program or prefatory remarks in connection with a dedication

(If offering is taken)

Blessing of the Offering


Mother Earth, do grant to us

The sharing of Thy substance;

Father Sky, we ask that this our offering be lifted up

Unto the measure of our love for Thee;

Sister Water, may we now know through Thee

The full and perfect flow of Thy prosperity;

Brother Fire, may we within be kindled

In the flaming glory of our gift of self!

Silent ritual for receipt of offering
Ritual of affirmation

Sabian Affirmations
(For health, prosperity and happiness in order)

In Unison

(First fortnight)
I rely on the healing power of God within me.
I enter every experience with the whole of myself.
My heart has found the shrine at every wayside.

(Second fortnight)
I am the temple of the illimitable now.
I build new sense of values every day.
My joys are fresh-created from on high.

(Third fortnight)
My body is the treasure house of higher thoughts.
I bring new life to everything in which I participate.
I welcome every phase of life within my soul.

(Fourth fortnight)
I recognize God's purpose in every phase of life.
My wealth is based upon the joy of service.
I live today in gratitude for yesterday.

(Fifth fortnight)
My being is enlarged in my constancy of faith.
I dedicate my world to God in every thought and act.
I thrill within my heart to every breath of life

(Sixth fortnight)
I bring the whole of myself to dwell in lasting peace.
Whatever I take from life I accept as high responsibility.
My soul is lighted at the flame of unceasing aspiration.

(Seventh fortnight)
I consecrate every interest of my life to higher values.
My efforts are repaid through the indwelling presence.
I dwell within the joy of an eternal revelation.

(Eighth fortnight)
I yield my heart and soul and mind to some exalted task.
The higher manifestations in my life I share with all.
My house within has endless room for godly guests.

(Ninth fortnight)
I seek constructive use for all I draw to me.
The goods for which I strive are of eternal worth.
My heart is opened wide to every song of life.

(Tenth fortnight)
I reconsecrate my soul to my divine indwelling.
My fortune has its root in the eternal now.
I find immortal signatures no matter where I am.

(Eleventh fortnight)
I welcome every challenge to my higher understanding.
A full supply for here and now is my divine inheritance.
My soul is forever nourished by its own enduring source.

(Twelfth fortnight)
Within myself I seek to mirror the perfect all.
I lift the turmoil of the day to greater harmony.
My soul is linked to all of life in ever-higher ties.

(Thirteenth fortnight)
My being is the shrine of indwelling light and love.
My riches have their source in God's abundance.
I now have found the sunshine of divine compassion.

(Fourteenth fortnight)
I enter the temple of self with reverence.
I meet the life of everyday with never-ceasing interest.
My inner self responds to every outer joy.

(Fifteenth fortnight)
Within my body the healing peace of God abides.
My ambitions are sustained in the highest realization.
I am free from bondage to the world of transient things.

(Sixteenth fortnight)
I see perfection manifest here and now.
The world responds to my endless faith in its promise.
My heart renews its fellowship with every other heart.

(Seventeenth fortnight)
I know within myself the law of God and good.
There is profit in every channel of my effort.
In all my joys I seek an added richness.

(Eighteenth fortnight) I hearken to the voice of higher values.
My wealth is manifest within myself.
My soul is charged with vibrant joy from everywhere.

(Nineteenth fortnight)
My body is my soul's real dwelling place.
I give a heightened recompense for all I ask in life.
I see the smile of God in every passing face.

(Twentieth fortnight)
I welcome God to every corner of my heart.
I find new use for every inner resource.
The joys I know are shared by all the world.

(Twenty-first fortnight)
I shape my temple to divine desire.
I share the wealth of every other person.
My heart receives the truth from every source.

(Twenty-second fortnight)
I perfect myself within the frame of highest expectation.
I am the master of my circumstances.
My soul rejoices in the good that comes to others.

(Twenty-third fortnight)
My outer being is reborn within.
I dwell within the sunshine of the Presence.
My spirit claims the fellowship of greater values.

(Twenty-fourth fortnight)
I make myself essential to the flow of outer life.
I use my wealth to give it life and power.
My heart re-echoes peace from every heart.

(Twenty-fifth fortnight)
I thrill anew to cosmic love and harmony.
I acknowledge the infinity of resource.
There is no joy in which I do not share.

(Twenty-sixth fortnight)
Within myself the perfect plan is born.
I recognize new worth in everything I touch.
I give the world a fellowship of faith.

Sabian Benediction


May the love and wealth, the peace and hope

Of the Indwelling Spirit

Dwell within you




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