The Rituals


Call to order at announced hour of meeting
Welcome to visitors

Intonation of the Sacred Vowels


Father, let darkness depart;
Guard us from far-reaching harm;
Pardon our hardness of heart;
Bar every harbored alarm!

Ancient of Days, lift Thy face;
Blaze with unwavering flame;
Save us we pray through Thy grace;
Raise us by faith in Thy name!

Heal us, Redeemer Unseen;
Free us from needless ordeal;
Keep our hearts eager and clean;
Teach us to seek Thee with zeal!

Guide us, O Christ Crucified;
Bind all desire to Thy light;
Fire us to life magnified;
Find our ways right in Thy sight!

Holy Jehovah, bend low;
O Lord of Hosts, make us whole;
Hold our hearts close in Thy glow;
Know our devotion of soul!

Ruler Triune, grant us youth;
School us in beauty of mood;
Groom us in fruits of Thy truth;
Prove our faith truly renewed!

Indwelling Spirit, take wing;
Quicken a vigor of will;
Give us convictions that sing;
Lift us to infinite skill!

(The Minor Vowels)

Call us in awe to Thy law;
Caution us all against flaw!

Spare us our wearing despair;
Share what we bear Thee in prayer!

Grant us Thy sanctified plan;
Band us for salvaging man!

Stop all our mocking of God:
Watch that we honor Thy rod!

Pledge us Thy strength in our quest,
Let all our stress come to rest!

Put us on footing more sure;
Look that our good shall endure!

Stir us to worship Thy word;
Further the search long deferred!

Justify us from above;
Suffer the flood of Thy love!

Point out all toil to avoid;
Join us in joy unalloyed!

Rouse us, O rout every doubt;
Now let Thy vowels speak out!

Exposition and discussion

(On Monday evenings particularly)

Benediction of the Elements


May the fountain of the waters of life

Spring eternal within you!

May the breath of the Spirit

Consecrate the cloister of your heart!

May you truly be child of earth,

Living to nourish the seed of the word!

And may the cosmic fire rise

Forever torchlike through your being!

(On Wednesday evenings particularly)

Admonition to the Senses


May your eyes be blind to evil

That your sight be opened within!

May your ears be deaf to discord

That you hear celestial strains!

May your tongue rest silent in stress

That your words carry spiritual power!

May your nostrils ignore every stench

That you catch the fragrance of Eden!

And may your fingers be fearless of thorn

That the flowers in your garden be roses!

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The Sabian Assembly
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