The Sabian Procedures

The Chapel Service

Devotional services in connection with Sabian activities are usually conducted by established religious groups in some one or another phase of co-operation with Sabian objectives. The chapel service is for an occasion when group devotions of purely Sabian alignment are desired. Normally it begins with the healing ritual for a first fifteen minutes, with or without use of healing slips as circumstances dictate. The Healing Dismissal is omitted and instead the Sabian Doxology is sung, if musical accompaniment or adequate song leadership is available. Otherwise it is recited, or it can be omitted. Next in order is a devotional address or an inspirational program. If a collection is taken the Blessing of the Offering is pronounced with those present asked to hold their gifts in their hands during the blessing. The Sabian affirmations for the current two-week period are then recited in unison. The services are closed with the Sabian Benediction.

An effective way to use the affirmations is to repeat each one three times in unison with a different emphasis for each repetition. Thus, if the affirmation is "I rely on the healing power of God within me," it may be first, "I rely on the healing power of God within me," then, "I rely on the healing power of God within me," and finally, "I rely on the healing power of God within me." When varying emphases are employed the places of stress will have to be announced just before the repetition of each affirmation, or some other indication provided in advance for those participating in the ritual. Or the leader may make the statement each time as he desires to emphasize it, with all then repeating it together.

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The Sabian Assembly
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