The Sabian Procedures

The Healing Ritual

The healing ritual begins with the Evocation on the Steps. When conducted by an individual privately his repetition of the refrain after each evocative stanza should be through a silent mouthing of the words as a way for strengthening the presence of the invisible workers he needs for his purposes.

Next in order is the Prefatory Acknowledgment, followed by a silence of approximately five minutes for the inward affirmation of healing needs. During the silence a sole celebrant of the ritual may hold his hands with palms downward a little above the healing slips, if he has chosen to lay them out rather than placing them in a container, and he may remain seated if he wishes.

The Consummatory Acknowledgment closes the healing silence, followed in turn by the Consecration to the Indwelling Spirit and Meditation on the Healing Gifts, and then finally by the Healing Dismissal. A sole celebrant may find it suitable to use the Prayer of Parting Adoration, prepared for private devotions, rather than the normal closing.

During Holy Week each year the Sabian healing ritual is directed to the quickening of the global consciousness, and attention to individual matters of other than great emergency is suspended completely. Aspirants able to develop stronger therapeutic consciousness in an Eastern orientation may take the time of the Wesak festival for their annual sabbatical week in connection with their personal healing effort. This usually is at the full moon in May when the Theravada or Southern Buddhists commemorate Gautama's birth, enlightenment and passing. In general, however, the seeker should anchor both his initiatory effort and his spiritual service to his fellows in the laya center of the culture of which he finds himself a part.

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The Sabian Assembly
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